• For the health conscious food lover looking to up-level their healthy lifestyle
    to feel ENERGIZED, to look and FEEL their BEST for the holidays!

    Self-Paced Video Course + Private Coaching

    For the health conscious
    food lover...

    This holiday season let's celebrate with
    off-the-charts delicious, nutritious
    plant-based food.

    Come away from the Holidays HEALTHIER than you started!

    NO more Food Coma
    NO more Expanding Waistlines
    NO more talking about Aches & Pains
    NO more New Year's resolutions to go to the gym!!!

  • Imagine this Holiday season sitting at your dinner table surrounded by your loved ones. The candles are lit, soft jazz music is playing in your home. The comforting aroma of cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla fill the air.


    You've effortlessly put together a delectable plant-based holiday feast that not only looks amazing but is so nutritious, delicious and more importantly nourishing your family and friends on a deep level while supercharging their immunity.

    You're having FUN in the kitchen! You've prepared mouth-watering appetizers like sweet potato bites & a holiday vegan cheese platter — to die for, that totally tantalize the taste buds then onto zucchini carpaccio, to lasagna then end with the most incredible no-bake pumpkin pie. Somebody pinch me!!!

    You actually feel energized, you skip the food coma and don't have to loosen your holiday outfit but instead you are more present than ever, you settle down for meaningful conversations or some board games with your children. New memories to cherish!

  • A MESSAGE for you from CHEF Sunita

    You can get started NOW with this self-paced video course + private coaching

  • Tidings of Comfort, Joy & Support

    During these uncertain times, I want to support you especially during the holidays which can be a very stressful time and where most fall off the wagon. Many turn to food and binge eat as a soothing quick fix. This holiday season, let's do things differently. Let's bring back great health, the calm and peace in our bodies and be present for our families.

    Create family traditions where each one makes a dish for the holiday feast, including the children. It's fascinating to see how creative children get when they take ownership for their dish. It gets everyone in the kitchen excitedly preparing a meal for hours, sharing stories, laughter and music. Plus, your kids get engaged in food preparation early and learn a very valuable life skill!


    FOOD brings us together as a community and what we put into our mouths change the quality of our life. This year let’s avoid the overeating and food coma that leads to many hitting the gyms in the New Year working out like crazy! Getting into the yo-yo dieting pattern ;) Come away from the holidays, healthier than you started!

  • What's Included...

    Self-Paced Video Course + Private Coaching

    eBook with over 40+ Delectable Plant-Based Recipes (Guilt-Free)

    A beautifully designed 56-page, Guilt-Free Holiday eBook with quick & easy, mouth-watering recipes for the Holidays & beyond. The recipes are inspired by Chef Sunita's travels around the world and based on her 20 years of working with FOOD as MEDICINE.

    Chef Sunita brings ancient wisdom with a modern twist to her creations and crystalizes it down to simple easy steps that you can take into your lifestyle for vibrant health!

    Not sure what to make this holiday season? We've got you covered with delicious easy recipes that nourish you and your family while supercharging their immunity!

    6 Cooking Videos

    Step-by-step videos to follow along and watch at your own pace. Enjoy these videos while you prepare the delicious recipes with Chef Sunita.

    Master the techniques and seriously up-level your kitchen and culinary skills!

    60 Minute Private Coaching
    with Chef Sunita Vira

    We focus on just you! If you have any health concerns or if you need help with binge eating or adding certain FOODS as MEDICINE to your lifestyle. This is your time to get your questions answered on any recipes, address any holiday pitfalls or if you need support during the holidays.


    Need help planning your Holiday Menu? I am here for you! ;)

    Edible Holiday Gifts

    This holiday season, delight your family and friends with delicious edible holiday gifts that are sure to be crowd pleasers! They are FUN to create and make for very thoughtful, colorful gifts.

    Create jaw-dropping edible gifts like mouth-watering Dark Chocolate Truffles, Bliss Balls to Vegan Cheeses to Holiday Nut & Chocolate Brittles. Dress them up and they make the most amazing, unique holiday gifts. Sure to make someone very happy. ;)

    Pantry Lists, Longevity Foods, Mindful Eating Tips to Holiday Menus to Holiday Cleansing Tips & more...

    We've got you covered so you can enjoy the holidays stress-free and rest knowing that you are feeding your family delicious foods that nourish their body, mind & spirit while supercharging their immunity.

    Tons of resources for you to enjoy through the holidays & beyond.

    A Message from Sunita for YOU!

    Enjoy this Video Course at your own pace!


  • Hi, I'm Sunita Vira and like many of you, I'm a foodie. I'm a publisher author, chef, a nutrition coach & a retreat leader. I want to support you especially during the holidays which can be a very stressful time and where most fall off the wagon.


    I've been working with FOOD as MEDICINE for the past two decades. My goal is to help you get past feeling overwhelmed in the kitchen and enjoy making off-the-charts, delicious, nourishing meals effortlessly for your family and friends. I've spent countless hours in the kitchen, exploring cutting-edge techniques and ingredients around the world with the latest scientific research to crystalize it down to quick & easy delicious recipes to take into your lifestyle for vibrant health.


    As a global traveller and a woman of Indian heritage, I offer you the world in terms of cuisine, flavors, spices, preparations and techniques.


    As a healer, I approach food with respect and embrace raw (or nearly-raw), living, plant-based foods that result in increased energy, enhanced immunity and disease prevention, effective weight management, clearer eyesight, glowing skin, thicker hair, better sleep, improved metabolism and fertility, deceleration of the aging process, and relief from depression.


    Raw food has changed my life! I experience its undeniable benefits every day. It grounds me, inspires me and gives me the energy and clarity to pursue my dreams! I want the same for you and can’t wait for you to experience the benefits firsthand. Just imagine what is possible when you feel amazing!